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How long will my fresh yoghurt last in the fridge?



  • jenjam11

    Is coconut yoghurt the same time as dairy in terms of lasting in the fridge?

  • Green Living Australia
    Hi Jenni,
    Thank you for your question.
    The short answer is yes. Coconut and Dairy yoghurt last the same amount of time. 
    When making any yoghurt we do not recommend keeping it in the fridge for longer than a month.
    When you make yoghurt your cultures are extremely active during the 24hrs fermenting in the yoghurt maker. Once you put the yoghurt in the fridge the cultures do slow down dramatically but are still eating the sugar you have added for them to eat. By roughly the two week mark there is the highest count of good bacteria in your batch and slowly in the week that follows they start to die due to their lack of food. By 4 weeks their numbers have fallen substantially so it is best that it is eaten before then, though is safe for the 4 weeks.

    I hope this helps.


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